Useful Tricks for Do-It-Yourself Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal

Doing various things yourself has become a trend for many communities across the globe. Come to think of it, nothing about the increase of a number of people starting to do chores themselves should be surprising.

There are many benefits a person can gain through doing numerous tasks themselves. Aside from being able to save cash when you carry out work you would normally hire professionals to complete, you also get the opportunity to learn or enhance your skills when you engage in do-it-yourself projects.

One example of circumstances where knowledge in do-it-yourself tasks can come in handy is when it comes to pricey house chores that may call for the assistance of professionals, such as carpet removal.

When your house has encountered major calamities such as flood or fire, or if your home has been infested by molds, it may just be the perfect time for your carpet to go.

Whatever your reason might be for wanting to get rid of your carpet, if you’re a fan of saving funds or simply want to do things independently, you can actually remove the carpet without getting any help from the experts.

Before proceeding to actually removing the carpet, you should prepare the tools needed for you to carry out the job efficiently and safely.

The most basic tools you would need are:

  •         Dust mask
  •         Protective gloves
  •         Kneepads
  •         Crowbar
  •         Pliers
  •         Utility knife
  •         Vacuum
  •         Floor scraper

Prior to the do-it-yourself carpet removal, you should be totally sure that removing the carpet is what you really want. Some carpets are glued to the floor itself, and removing them would cause irreparable damage.

Once you made up your mind, remove all pieces of furniture on the carpeted floor. You have to make sure that the area you want to remove the carpet from is completely cleared – especially of fragile and breakable items. After this, wear the knee pads, dust mask, and gloves – and get ready to do some work!

  1.    Using a crowbar, pry on the edge of the carpet located on the corner of the room.
  2.    Then, use pliers to have a firm grip on the edge of the carpet and start pulling.
  3.    To be able to roll the carpet easily, you can cut it into strips by every portion you pull. So start the process by pulling the carpet, then folding it in strips, followed by making some vertical cuts on the edge of the folded strips.
  4.    After you have completely removed the carpet, use the floor scraper to get rid of the remaining bits of carpeting still stuck on the floor because of the glue.

If you are removing your carpet to have it replaced by a new one through the help of professional carpet installers, make sure that you make the installers aware that you have removed the carpet yourself. This way, you can make it clear that no fee for carpet removal should be included in the bill.


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