How to Know If an Antique Carpet Is Really “Authentic”

Antique Carpet

Antique rugs can be one of a kind. Not just because of their outstanding quality and their unique designs, but also because of the history and charisma their antiquities bring.

Since antique rugs possess this rarity, it is not surprising at all that these coveted carpets and rugs bear a higher cost than their modern, synthetic counterparts.

Sadly, because of the expensiveness of antique rugs, there are sellers who try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and carpet lovers; there are merchants claiming that their products are bona fide antique rugs just to make a sale.

If you are intending to buy an antique rug or carpet, it is vital for you to be familiar with the most common signs of a real authentic carpet.

One of the most easy-to-spot signs of a real antique carpet can be checked in its fibers. Authentic antique carpets would only be made of two carpet fibers – either natural silk or wool. If the merchant says that their ‘antique’ carpet fibers are made of any material other than silk or wool, then it is a deal breaker.

You can also check the back of the carpet you are about to purchase. The back of the carpet should be exactly the same as its front.

Another mark of a genuine antique carpet is the natural fringes. As antique carpets were made by hand, fringes should be a part of the woven or sewn portions – if the fringes are just attached artificially (by glue or stitches), then the antique carpet may not just be as genuine as the seller claims.

Colorfastness of the carpet might not be easily checked on the spot while you are in the process of purchasing the carpet, but real antique carpets and rugs are not supposed to have colors or dyes that bleed.

Keep in mind that antique carpets have higher price tags – so when an antique rug is being offered to you at a price that’s too good to be true – it’s a trap!

Basic information about the qualities of a genuine antique carpet will help you steer clear of shady sales.

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