3 Common Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

3 Common Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

There are many reasons for you to call a professional carpet cleaning company to keep your carpet clean. However, the method to be used to get your rug clean is one of the most important decisions to make. The good news is that a knowledgeable carpet cleaning technician will assist you in making a better decision about the method you will use to clean your carpet.

Carpet cleaners in Airdrie will also help you determine whether your carpets are well-matched with some cleaning methods and if stains will need deep stain removal techniques. Deep shampoo, dry cleaning and steam cleaning are the most popular carpet cleaning methods in Airdrie, that you can use to keep your carpet clean.

Achieving the best rug cleaning outcome depends largely on the experience of the cleaning companies. When it comes to hiring Airdrie carpet cleaning companies, you must confirm that they have specialized and experienced technicians to do your rug cleaning perfectly. The experience and know-how of the carpet cleaning company in Airdrie are what will help you get your carpet clean and free from stains.

Here are 3 common methods to for cleaning your carpet:

  1.       Shampoo Cleaning

Getting your carpet cleaned using the shampoo cleaning method may require a professional carpet cleaner.  The professional carpet cleaner will use special shampoo solutions to soak up the dirt in your carpet and detach it from the fibers.  Then the professional carpet cleaner will use a heavy motorized shampooer to remove the dirt.  Drying time with the shampoo cleaning method is faster than with other methods.

  1.       Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Method

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the most common method of carpet cleaning. This carpet cleaning method mixes a wet vacuum with a hot water cleaning solution. A truck mount or a portable heavy powered steam cleaning machine is used by technicians to steam the carpet. The two alternatives are very effective for sucking up dirt from below the rug and getting rid of minor stains.

  1.       Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning is considered to be a safe carpet cleaning method because it has no risk for leaving soap residue on your carpet. The cleaning technician uses dry powder on the area of the carpet to be cleaned and then vacuums it. Other professional carpet cleaning companies are presently focused on making use of only organic powders.

Final Words

Getting and keeping your carpet clean is important to anyone who has carpet in their home.  Keeping your carpet clean and free of dirt, stains and other contaminants help keep your family safe and healthy.  Contact an Airdrie carpet cleaning company today to keep your carpet clean.  

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Carpet Cleaner: How to Buy the Best Carpet Cleaner Airdrie that Will Quickly and Easily Leave Your Rug Fresh and Clean

Carpet Cleaner: How to Buy the Best Carpet Cleaner

A high-quality carpet cleaner can refresh your rugs and give them a new lease on life each time you use them. There are lots of duds out there, and purchasing a carpet cleaner is a big investment, so it’s important to be careful and do the research before you buy your carpet cleaner.  

How can you avoid selecting a bad model? How much should you invest in the best carpet cleaner? How can you buy the best cleaner for your rug? What are the useful features to look out for? These are possible questions that need answers to before you can have peace of mind that you are buying the best cleaner for your carpet.

How Much Do You Intend to Spend on your Carpet Cleaner?

Price can vary dramatically, depending on the quality of the particular carpet cleaner.  If you want to achieve the best result, it is recommended that you invest in a high-quality cleaner to ensure that you will have a machine you can depend on. Price alone can’t tell you how good a carpet cleaner is, so be sure to do the research.  An inexpensive carpet cleaner may outperform higher priced cleaners, so don’t let the price fool you.

What are the Main Types of Carpet Cleaners Available?

There are basically two types of cleaners for carpet cleaning: the two-in-one or multi-function cleaners; and standard carpet washers.

Multi-function: The two-in-one cleanser doubles as a dry vacuum and a shampooer or steam cleaner, removing the need for a separate vacuum cleaner. This is a perfect choice for you if you lack storage space.

Standard Carpet Washer: This cleaner will clean your carpets, but won’t be able to loosen dirt and pick up debris.  If you opt for a standard carpet cleaning machine, be sure to also have a separate vacuum cleaner for best results.

What about Carpet Cleaner Rentals? How Good is the Rug Doctor?

Carpet cleaning rentals allow you to give a particular cleaner a try before buying.  This arrangement requires renting the cleaner for a percentage of the total price.  On the other hand, the Rug Doctor is one of the renowned rentable models. The price for rental is one liter of carpet detergent, which Rug Doctor claims to be sufficient for cleaning at least two rooms and protecting the carpet against future spills.

Before choosing a carpet cleaner for purchase, it is important to understand the available features.

Some of the most useful features are:

  1.       The Water Tank Heater: This feature enhances the efficiency of washing by keeping the water warm.
  2.       Handheld Brush: This feature allows for easier cleaning of upholstery, stairs, and other carpeted surfaces.
  3.       Auto-mix: This popular feature saves you time by automatically mixing the detergent and water.
  4.       Turbo Tool: This particular feature is a handheld revolving brush used to deep clean those areas you cannot easily get to with the main floor head.
  5.       Detergent Spray: This is used to pre-treat stubborn stains prior to washing your rug.
  6.       Crevice Tool: This is useful for cleaning in tight corners and narrow spaces.
  7.       Dry Vacuuming: This is used for picking up debris before washing.

Final Thoughts

If you want to maintain the overall cleanliness of your home and enjoy good health while making your carpet looking like new, you may benefit from the use of a carpet cleaner.  Consider the points highlighted above before choosing from the available cleaners.

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Silk Carpet Cleaning

3 Ways to Carry Out Silk Carpet Cleaning the Right Way

Silk carpeting cleaning with the best cleaners Airdrie is the best way to maintain and keep your precious and valuable investment clean. Silk carpets and rugs have natural sparkle and a smooth, soft texture, which is second to no other material. Silk contains a protein called fibroin, which makes the silk amazingly strong.  Silk fibers can even compete with steel yarn, as far as tensile strength.

Even though silk is extremely strong, it loses much of its strength when wet.  In addition, the fibers are not highly elastic, meaning that they will remain stretched if you stretch them.  They can also be easily destroyed by strong chemicals, heat, and abrasion.  In some instances, even ordinary water can damage your silk carpet.

Since silk rugs and carpets are so easily damaged and tend to be quite expensive, you may wish to get a professional, with expertise in silk carpet cleaning to do the cleaning when necessary. However, if you have a budget constraint, you can do the cleaning yourself.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

1.The Treatment Process

Make sure the cleaner of your choice is knowledgeable in the treatment of silk carpets.  The organic nature of a silk carpet makes it vulnerable to some things which don’t affect other materials.  Silk is just a mixture of water and protein, despite the fact that its tensile strength is very high, and great care must take to preserve it.

  1.       Dry Stains

Gently blot up wet stains and treat with water. Silk carpet is greatly sensitive to hot water, which can denature its proteins, causing it to break down. Lukewarm water should be used instead.Avoid most treatment cleaners and chemicals as they can also cause damage to the material. If you’re not sure, seek the help of a professional.

  1.       Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional carpet cleaners having Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT) certification and professional carpet cleaning equipment can assess your silk carpet and decide on the best course of treatment.  Locating a specialized cleaner who can do silk carpet cleaning the right way is very easy.  Just Google the list of Airdrie carpet cleaners in your area and visit their websites to choose the right cleaner for you.

Tips and Tricks for Buying the Right Carpet Cleaner Machine

Tips and Tricks for Buying the Right Carpet Cleaner Machine

Consider your specific needs before buying a carpet cleaner. Buying the wrong cleaner can cause you additional expense in terms of productivity. There are domestic and commercial carpet cleaners that you can use to keep your carpet clean. Commercial cleaners are used by carpet cleaning companies to clean offices and businesses while the domestic rug cleaner is used in the home.

Here is an ultimate carpet cleaner buying guide to help you choose the right machine.


The hose of your carpet cleaning machine must be long enough to reach every nook and corner of the area you want to clean. Typically, carpet shampooers have hose lengths of about 20 feet, and you can add extensions to make it as long as 50 feet.

  1.       Pump Pressure

The pump pressure of a commercial carpet cleaner is higher than the domestic machines. The pump pressure can be 120 to 220 psi in an industrial cleaner. Higher pump pressure is a sign of a higher-performance machine.

  1.       Low Flow

Water usage is another important factor to consider.  Low flow carpet cleaning machines have easier clean-up and result in faster carpet drying.  The chance of mold and bad odor are reduced when the carpet is able to dry very quickly.  The use of machines with higher flow rates results in slow drying carpets.

  1.       Temperature

The water in a carpet cleaner can reach temperatures as high as 210ºF. More often than not, a water temperature of about 140ºF is thought to be adequate for carpet cleaning. You may buy a cold water carpet cleaning solution because it costs less, but these cleaners can only be used when self-heating is not necessary.  Cold water is recommended for cleaning luxurious or antique carpets.

  1.       Portability

If you want to maintain and manage car fleets, large buildings, and multiple vehicles, portable carpet cleaners are handy.  Portable carpet cleaners can be carried around on mobile car wash trucks for convenience.

  1.       Vacuum Pressure

With the Vacuum pressure, you can extract moisture from your carpet, keeping the carpet clean and dry. More dominant carpet cleaners have water lift of 150 inches as well as high performing vacuum motors.

Final Thoughts

Using the right carpet cleaners will keep your carpet clean, making it looks like new. This carpet cleaner tips and tricks will help you to choose the correct carpet cleaning machine for the airline, car wash,  hotel, home and any other location.


Reasons for Considering Carpet Cleaners’ Airdrie

Reasons for Considering Carpet Cleaners in Airdrie

There are many professional carpet cleaners in the market today. The increase in the number of service providers comes as a result of people realizing that the carpet is an item that almost all homeowners need in their homes. These individuals understand how carpet cleaners in Airdrie can maintain and protect the fabric of your carpet so that it will last many years. You can save a fortune when you choose the right team to clean the carpet for you.

Why are Steam Cleaners Practical?

Steam carpet cleaners are very practical as compared to others because they require less time and effort to reach dirt and remove stains. Steam cleaners use heat to eliminate dirt and dust from the fabric of your carpet, and they destroy fungi and bacteria that may be living in the fiber.  This results in a much healthier carpet for your home.

Steam cleaners are an excellent option when looking for carpet cleaners because they use mainly the power of hot water and steam to get your carpet clean.  Steam cleaners are very effective and can get your carpet looking like new.

Things to Consider When Buying a Steamer

How much carpet do you need to clean?   If you don’t have a very large carpet, you may not need an extremely durable cleaner.  You can save money by purchasing a cleaner appropriate to your specific carpet size.

How often do you need to clean your carpet?  Does it get a lot of traffic and dirty footprints?  If you live in an area with dirt roads or a muddy yard, you and your family may track in a lot of debris, which will may require the use of a high-powered cleaner more often than others.

How much money do you have to spend?  Price shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when making a purchase.  Consider the best product you can buy for the amount of money you have available.  You might be surprised what a great deal you can get when you do your research.

Which steamers have the best reviews from others with your similar needs?  Online product reviews can be one of the most helpful tools when making any purchase, big or small.  Find out what other people like you actually experienced when they purchased the item you’re considering.

Purchasing a steam cleaner can seem like a big decision, but a little bit of homework will help you find the right product for you.  Weigh the pros and cons to ensure you are happy with your purchase.