Antique Carpet

How to Know If an Antique Carpet Is Really “Authentic”

Antique rugs can be one of a kind. Not just because of their outstanding quality and their unique designs, but also because of the history and charisma their antiquities bring.

Since antique rugs possess this rarity, it is not surprising at all that these coveted carpets and rugs bear a higher cost than their modern, synthetic counterparts.

Sadly, because of the expensiveness of antique rugs, there are sellers who try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and carpet lovers; there are merchants claiming that their products are bona fide antique rugs just to make a sale.

If you are intending to buy an antique rug or carpet, it is vital for you to be familiar with the most common signs of a real authentic carpet.

One of the most easy-to-spot signs of a real antique carpet can be checked in its fibers. Authentic antique carpets would only be made of two carpet fibers – either natural silk or wool. If the merchant says that their ‘antique’ carpet fibers are made of any material other than silk or wool, then it is a deal breaker.

You can also check the back of the carpet you are about to purchase. The back of the carpet should be exactly the same as its front.

Another mark of a genuine antique carpet is the natural fringes. As antique carpets were made by hand, fringes should be a part of the woven or sewn portions – if the fringes are just attached artificially (by glue or stitches), then the antique carpet may not just be as genuine as the seller claims.

Colorfastness of the carpet might not be easily checked on the spot while you are in the process of purchasing the carpet, but real antique carpets and rugs are not supposed to have colors or dyes that bleed.

Keep in mind that antique carpets have higher price tags – so when an antique rug is being offered to you at a price that’s too good to be true – it’s a trap!

Basic information about the qualities of a genuine antique carpet will help you steer clear of shady sales.

Oriental Carpets

Persian Carpets and Oriental Carpets: Learn the Difference

Oriental carpets and Persian Carpets (or rugs) are just two of the most sought after carpet types in the world – specifically for true blue carpet lovers.

Authentic carpets just like Oriental and Persian carpets belong to the most in-demand types because of their unmatched quality and classical designs. Both Oriental and Persian carpets were crafted manually – by hand. It is said that five to six individuals work on each of these carpets, laboring for hours a day to complete intricate patterns. It takes an entire year for each carpet to be finished.

Having unparalleled quality, beautiful designs, and dedicated craftsmen creating these carpets, one may expect that Oriental and Persian carpets would cost more compared to other carpet types.

Since genuine Oriental or Persian carpets usually come at a higher cost, it is only fair that buyers know the specific characteristics of these carpets to avoid scams, and to know where their valuable money truly goes.

Persian and Oriental carpets have a high knot count – one of the telltale signs of a high-quality carpet. You can tell that the Persian or Oriental carpet or rug is authentic if the carpet fiber is made of silk or wool. These carpets will ONLY be made from silk and/or wool – not nylon, not polypropylene, not jute.

Another distinct feature of the said carpets is their thick carpet piles.

Now that we are aware of the special characteristics of Oriental and Persian carpets, let’s find out their differences.

The primary difference between Oriental and Persian carpets is their location of origin. Persia is an old kingdom within Iran. Persian carpets and rugs simply refer to carpets/rugs that were created in Iran. Oriental rugs and carpets refer to rugs and carpets handcrafted within Asian countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, and other Asian countries.

So technically, Persian carpets are considered as Oriental carpets, but not all Oriental carpets count as Persian carpets.

Another difference between Oriental and Persian carpets is their knots. Most Oriental carpets have symmetrical knots while asymmetrical knots are being used for Persian carpets.

Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper to be able to know if your carpet is truly Persian or Oriental.


Removing Fleas from Your Carpet

If you have a furry pet and you allow them to roam freely inside your carpeted home, there’s a high possibility that you have encountered having fleas in your carpets at least once.

Even if you do your best to keep your pet clean and well-groomed, getting fleas in your carpet can be unavoidable at times.

Before proceeding to cleaning your carpet, keep in mind that you need to pay attention to others areas that may have fleas, too. These areas include the pet’s cushion and the upholstery of your sofa or couch; because of this, you have to make sure these areas are clean as well. Don’t forget to wash your pet’s cushion and meticulously vacuum your upholstery.

You can use your trusty home items such as vinegar, baking soda, and salt to eliminate fleas from your carpet. Sprinkle baking soda or salt on to your carpet and let it sit for a day or two and then vacuum it thoroughly. If your carpet has a serious case of flea infestation, your carpet must be vacuumed rigorously every day for two weeks. After vacuuming, you can spray some vinegar on your carpet to keep fleas away.

Lift the pieces of furniture on the carpet surface and make sure to vacuum these areas as you have to clean every portion of your carpet – otherwise, you risk giving the fleas the chance to multiply.

If left untreated, fleas can live in your carpet for as long as three months. If you have an exceptionally severe case of flea infestation in your carpet, going for a thorough steam cleaning done by carpet cleaning professionals might be your best bet in getting rid of these fleas together with their eggs.

Don’t worry if you prefer to take matters into your own hands rather than hiring professional carpet cleaners. With effort and determination, it’s possible to get rid of these pests yourself.



How to Care for Your Carpeting

Having spent hard earned money for different items in your home, it’s only expected that you want them to last for a long time and get your money’s worth.

Just as with every article you chose for your house, your carpet requires utmost care for it to last for years and preserve its beautiful appearance.

Of course, your beautiful carpeted floors won’t take care of themselves; you have to know how to take excellent care of them and keep them well-maintained.

Vacuum your carpets regularly – daily, if possible. One of the most effective ways to keep your carpet’s good condition is by keeping them clean. Don’t let soil and dirt get trapped and stuck within your carpet fibers too long.  Go for a high-quality vacuum cleaner that would be suitable for the type of carpet that you have. There are various types of vacuum cleaners just like suction-type, one with beater bars, and so forth.

Use runners and doormats. You can use runners for high traffic areas instead so that your carpets would not be easily damaged. Doormats also decrease the amount of dirt that may be transferred to your carpets from shoes or feet.

CarpetAvoid placing your carpets in areas with exposure to direct sunlight. The color of your carpet can fade faster when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

If you spilled something on to your carpet, take action the soonest possible time. If you dropped something solid on it, scoop them up. If you have spilled liquid, use a white cloth or paper towels to have them absorb as much liquid as possible. Each type of stain may call for a different technique to be removed.

Hire the services of professional carpet cleaners once in a while for your carpet to undergo extreme and extensive cleaning. Even when you do your best in maintaining your carpets, professional cleaners have cleaning equipment and means unlike what we commonly use at home and can go deep down the carpet fibers.

If you know how to take excellent care of your carpets, they can even last as long as your home.

Office Furniture Cleaning in Airdrie

6 Quick Tips for Office Furniture Cleaning in Airdrie

Office furniture cleaning is important because furniture is an essential part of any office. Just like your upholstery, office furniture is an investment you must make in your business. The type of furniture you have in your office makes a statement about your business. You can create a good impression with your customers and attract new clients for your business with good quality and comfortable furniture.

Office furniture comes in lots of shapes, materials, and styles.  Quality office furniture often comes with the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. Following upholstery cleaning instructions will keep your upholstery in good shape and make it last a long time.

Below are six helpful tips for office furniture cleaning in Airdrie:

  1.  Professional Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services are still the best way to clean your office furniture. In order to keep your furniture looking nice, hire professional cleaners to clean the upholstery at least once per year.  Not only does this keep the furniture looking nice, but if something needs to be repaired, it is much easier to repair clean upholstery than worn and soiled upholstery.

  1. Dusting

Another way to keep your furniture looking nice is to dust regularly.  When the dust settles on your upholstery, it can get into the fibers, cause discoloration, and give your upholstery an old, stained look. Wipe the dust off with soft dry cloth or make use of a soft brush. Vacuuming your furniture at least twice a month will also help prevent dust from settling into your upholstery.

  1. Cleaning Solution

If you need to clean up a stain or spill on your office furniture, always test any cleaning product on a small hidden area of the upholstery to make sure it won’t damage the fabric.  You may use mild detergent soap or upholstery cleaning solution. Do not rub the fabric. However, you can use a soft upholstery brush to softly scrub in a circular motion. Always avoid using bleach on upholstery.

  1. Good Shade

It’s nice to have a window view, but furniture that is exposed to the sun’s UV rays will discolor quickly.  Try to position your office furniture so that it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.  If your business uses Windows with UV blockers, this is less of a concern, and you can enjoy the view without worrying about your office furniture.

  1. Protect Furniture from Insects

Keeping your furniture in its best shape possible is not limited to how you clean your furniture.  You can also protect your office furniture by making sure the area it furnishes is insect free.  You may need to employ a regular exterminator to ensure against insect infestation.

  1. Use Covers

If any maintenance is going to be done in your office that will cause dust or drips, consider covering your office furniture to ensure against damage and stains.  Inexpensive coverings can be kept on hand to protect the value of your office furniture and give it a long life.

Carpet Cleaning Cochrane

Preparation for Professional Carpet Cleaning

As a homeowner, making your carpeted floors look brand new may just be one of the things you look forward to. While regular vacuuming can help in maintaining the good condition of your carpet, having professionals give your carpet a thorough clean every now and then is necessary.

As you wait for the carpet cleaners to arrive, there are some steps you need to do to make the carpet cleaning task easier, safer, and smoother.

First of all, you need to remove all fragile items as well as valuable properties from the carpeted area that needs cleaning. Removing breakable objects could eliminate the risk of accidentally damaging your fragile properties. Although most reputable cleaning companies meticulously screen their staff members, you won’t lose anything by being a little cautious and keeping your valuables from the cleaning areas.

There are some carpet cleaning firms that would vacuum your carpets first before proceeding to other cleaning steps, but there are some that would assume you already did the vacuuming yourself. Ask the carpet cleaning company if you need to do some vacuuming or if they would do that for you.

Professional Carpet CleaningMake sure that your children and any pets would not be loitering around the area where cleaners would be working on. Pets and children can significantly slow down completion of the job. Additionally, carpet cleaners may need to keep the doors open during cleaning as they would have to get the hose inside your house. Doors kept open may lead to your pets (or children) getting out of the house and onto the streets.

Some carpet cleaning professionals would happily move furniture items for you for free; some would move furniture for you at a price, while others would not move any furniture at all. You have to clarify this with the carpet cleaning company prior to the cleaning so you have an idea if there would be additional charges if you can’t move the furniture yourself.

If you have curtains that reach the floor, put some clips on their lower ends to prevent them from getting wet during carpet cleaning.

If there’s a certain spot on the carpet that you are particularly concerned about, don’t forget to mention it to the carpet cleaners. Furthermore, let the cleaning professionals know what kinds of liquids or items have caused the stains (if there are any). This way, the cleaners would know the right way to handle such stains effectively.

You may also want to clear up some space in your driveway where the cleaners may park their vehicle.

You may avoid hassles in carpet cleaning if you follow these steps in preparation for the arrival of carpet cleaning experts.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Helpful Tips in Carpet Maintenance

If you are building and decorating your dream home, you get to choose which materials you use for every corner of every room. Nowadays, carpeted floors are one of the top choices of homeowners from all over the globe; and who wouldn’t want carpets? They can add class and coziness to the interior parts of your home or office.

However, when you reside in a city with such hectic surroundings such as Airdrie, it is very likely that you expose yourself and your home or workplace to a lot of dust, dirt, and other particles.

If you use carpets for your floors, it is quite likely that some of these particles or even allergens get trapped in your carpet fibers. Not only that these elements might affect the overall appearance of your home, but it could also bring germs that can put your family’s health at risk.

While there are some people who steer clear of putting carpets on their floors for fear of stains and spills, such incidents may be prevented and even quickly remedied should they arise.

There are several ways you can take good care of your carpet to keep it looking brand new, and, well, dirt-free.

Use your vacuum to clean your carpeted floors regularly. Being a tad more caring for your carpet can go a long way. If you have the time for it, it’s ideal to vacuum your carpets every day to make sure that soil and other types of dirt don’t get trapped in and get stuck for too long. Also, it would be advisable to invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner to make sure that you can rely on it when it comes to removing unwanted bits in your carpeted floors.

Of course, having dust or dirt particles in your carpet can’t be completely avoided, but it can be minimized. For instance, if you have concerns because you have specific areas in your home that get walked on frequently, you can just choose NOT to put carpets on these areas.

For worries on spills and stains, you can apply treatments that can make your carpets resistant to stains. There are also carpet treatments that could make your carpet soil-resistant. In truth, these treatments don’t make your carpets soil or stain-proof, but they would help you get rid of dirt or stains more easily.

You can add doormats to your home so that people could wipe their shoes or feet before getting inside your house. Doormats can greatly reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home. Although, when you place doormats, don’t forget to clean them regularly too, so that the dirt or soil they acquire won’t get transferred to your carpet.

From time to time, move heavy furniture items placed on your carpet. Furniture that doesn’t get moved occasionally can cause your carpet to be crushed by the weight of it.

Finally, don’t forget to have your carpet undergo major cleaning, preferably by professional carpet cleaners, once every year. Even when you do your best to maintain your carpet (and even when it looks great and pristine), you need to have it cleaned by the experts because sometimes, there are dirt and soil which are practically invisible to the naked eye.

Some would suggest that carpets are not suitable for homes that get a lot of traffic, or families with children; but, with proper care and maintenance, you can still have the carpeted floors you’ve always dreamed of.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Airdrie

Carpet cleaning is often neglected by most homeowners as they believe that most of the dust particles are removed from their carpets when they use the vacuum cleaner. Little do they know that there are unseen particles that hide in the innermost fibers of the carpet.

The importance of carpet cleaning cannot be emphasized enough, that being said here are few questions that pop up the in the minds of potential clients:

  • When is a good time to get your carpets cleaned?

The best time for professional carpet cleaning in Airdrie, Canada is in the fall. “Why to fall?” you may ask.  Fall concludes the part of the year when you bring in the most outdoor dirt and debris.   Spring time is when our doors are mostly open and the fresh air brings in fumes, pollen, and dust. Then, in summer, lots of time is spent outdoors, carrying dirt and particles in the house all season.  So getting the carpets cleaned in fall gets you ready for the long winter season indoors.

  • How long does it usually takes for the carpets to dry?

The drying time depends mostly on the climate of your area. If it is humid outside, then carpets will take longer to dry when compared with dryer weather. It generally takes 2 to 6 hours to dry depending on the services provided.

  • What is the best way to maintain the freshness of a clean carpet?

Most professional carpet cleaning companies in Airdrie provide a warranty of 1 year. Other than that, regular vacuuming and cleaning spots right away will help you maintain the look of your carpet.

  • Is it safe to walk the carpet right after cleaning?

Walking on the wet carpet is ok but not recommended; and because of the added risk of slipping, it is a good idea to wait until the carpet is dry if possible.