Carpet Tiles


One of the trendiest innovations related to carpets today is carpet tiles. As the name implies, carpet tiles are, well, carpets in the form of tiles. Carpet tiles are also referred to as carpet squares.

Therefore, instead of large carpet floors that you would have to unroll and stretch on your flooring, carpet tiles come in smaller portions and have to be laid out, side by side, to be able to put together a seamless, largely carpeted flooring.

Carpet Tiles

Before, carpet tiles were just being commonly used in offices or any business setting. However, due to the convenience of carpet tile installation, more and more homeowners are beginning to choose carpet tiles over the traditional broadloom carpets for their homes.

Aside from the fact that you can even install carpet tiles yourself, another advantage of having carpet tiles is that it would give you the freedom to try various designs and patterns using a wide range of colors and textures.

Just like typical broadloom carpets, carpet tiles are available in different carpet fiber types – nylon, wool, and so on.  Carpet tiles are also being offered in cut pile and loop pile types.

Carpet tiles are ideal for both hardwood floors and tiled floorings, and there are many different types of backing: vinyl, fiberglass, and urethane are just some of them.

To be able to put your carpet tiles in place, you simply have to apply glue on its back. Alternatively, there are carpet tiles that come with its very own glue – just peel its back like a sticker and put it on the floor.

For unique floor areas with grooves, you can easily cut the carpet tiles to fit into the desired space.

What makes carpet tiles even better are that when a portion of it gets damaged, you don’t have to replace all the carpet tiles for the entire room – unlike broadloom carpets; you just have to replace the affected carpet tiles.

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