Carpet Cleaning – Airdrie, Calgary & Cochrane

Steele Carpet Cleaning is the best business for carpet cleaning in Airdrie Alberta and we confidently serve all surrounding areas including Calgary and Cochrane.

The carpet cleaners in Calgary, Airdrie and Cochrane who work for Steele have over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our years of expertise in this industry has taught us that customers are looking for an carpet cleaner who will treat them with respect while caring for their home and property like it was their own.

Clean carpets improve air quality

Steele is a family oriented company that sees carpet or rug cleaning as more than just appearance. Today’s homes are more air tight than previous years and the need for quality air is very important. At Steele, we believe we play an important part in the air quality in your home or business. Our powerful cleaning equipment will give your carpets and upholstery the deep cleanse that is needed to get rid of dust mites and bacteria that hide beneath the initial surface of the material fibres. If needed, our crew can allergies and asthma proof your property, as well as deliver effective pet odor treatment. We go so far as to deliver steam cleaning, when necessary, to get your carpets thoroughly dirt-free.

Airdrie and Calgary are busy industrious communities with lots on the go. Working in all the neighborhoods we see kids running into the house from playing sports on the street, homeowners returning from walking their dogs, and busy parents entering the house with kids in tow. Despite being brought up to always remove our shoes, tracking is inevitable. Bringing whatever is outside to the inside. From pet odor removal to carpet stain removal, our Steele family wants to take care of your carpet needs whether you are located in Cochrane, Airdrie Or Calgary so you can focus on the good stuff. Call us today at 587-777-0239.


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Also Serving All Of Calgary, Cochrane, Crossfield And All Surrounding Areas.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Airdrie

Steele Carpet does both residential and commercial professional carpet cleaning. We have a proprietary system to ensure you get the most out of your carpet cleaning in Airdrie, AB. Many companies fail to see the benefit of “walk throughs”. Your Steele job will start and end with a walk through of your home and the scope of work you are having done. We want to ensure that no area is missed and that you have the opportunity to see the work when the job is complete.

While the equipment rarely changes, the product needed to clean your fabric is often different. The majority of carpets today are a polyester fibre. Your carpet cleaning company must have the proper experience and training to identify other carpet and rug types. Expensive Persian silk area rugs cannot be cleaned the same way a polyester carpet is. Wool carpets must be approached with an all-natural cleaner. Use of conventional cleaners can discolour or even burn the wool. One of the most notoriously difficult carpets to clean is Berber. The fabric will hold moisture and special attention must be given to ensure proper drying. When you want residential or commercial carpet cleaning done right, contact us!

The Steele Difference – Dry Pass

Time is money. We get it. But the job must be done right. Many companies will simply increase vacuum pressure to eliminate a dry pass. A dry pass is basically vacuuming the carpet again with no water. This sucks up the excess water and mitigates musty smells that can be produced by underlying moisture.

Pet odour is something that every pet owner has to deal with. Dogs and cats that go outdoors will come in wet. Over time the carpets in the house start to absorb and take on the odour of our furry friends. The problem, in fact, is that we often become accustomed to the smell. Be sure your professional carpet cleaning includes pet odour treatment EVERY TIME. Call us today at 587-777-0239

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